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A few months after Lucky arrived, her baby Spirit joined her. Never to be separated again.

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Let Me Be There For You

by Chris Willis © 1994 Jayne Olderman & Dwayna Litz


There are horses at Last Stop Horse Rescue that have been given sanctuary and are under the life protection of the rescue. Reasons include: deep rooted physical abuse, neglect, severe starvation, physical limitations, conditions of surrender, and age.  Please consider sponsoring one of these very worthy horses. Because of you… these horses will always have what they truly deserve.  A lifetime of freedom and peace where they will never know hunger again.

Please consider sponsoring one of our sanctuary horses.  You can make a one-time donation or set up monthly donations.

If only love were enough!

We have enough love to rescue all the horses in the country!  Unfortunately, it also takes a lot of resources to rescue a horse, bring them back to a healthy state, and start a rehabilitation program. We provide each horse with ongoing veterinary care, hay, grain, farrier services and a safe environment with barns, run-in shelters and many acres of fencing for  natural living. The list  of expenses with running a rescue is long.   Please consider sponsoring a horse to secure their future for years to come.   It has been through donations and sponsorship that we have been able to rescue the many horses that found their way to us over the past 10 years and to also give sanctuary to those horses that you will visit in these pages. Thank you all for supporting the horses at the rescue and for being the firm foundation that our organization is built on. We are all a significant part of this journey to make the world a better place for horses.  We thank YOU, in advance, for any amount that you can contribute. The horses thank you !





Sponsorship Package
  • Named for Emma, the pony who started it all with a promise made by Joyce.


  • Believe in Miracles” children’s book


Sponsorship Package
  • Named for Charlie, who has stolen our hearts.


  • Believe in Miracles” children’s book

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Sponsorship Package
  • Named for “Big Belle,” who is part Clydesdale.


  • “Believe in Miracles” children’s book

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” Danny Boy ”

 “Today there is a new softness in his eyes. Where there has been fear and bracing , not daring to go toward , today there is a calmness. Yes… the tears came today because of where he has been and knowing he has a chance to heal.”

Danny Boy –  July 18,2017 ….With each horse that arrives at the rescue I have always shared what I feel is “safe” for me to share. It isn’t so important for me to share the conditions or the facts, but more the first day to a new life. I also believe that pictures tell the story much better than I could or dare to. For me to accept a horse there has to be that moment when I say… I cannot, will not, leave them where I have found them. This morning started with a quiet morning of routine barn chores. This morning I had no idea that there was a horse that needed help. I only knew this horse by a picture and I had to find him and help him.  As we touched his sweet face he lowered his head into me. His body was so very thin. He had a gentle way of watching our every move as we stood looking at him. Touching his very thin body I wondered how he became this way. He was so very beautiful. “We will be back for you sweet boy”.

Tonight, Danny Boy is at the rescue and has had his first of many buckets of grain. There are times that we look into a horse’s eyes and they are saying… “please help me”. This is what happened today.   Danny Boy was waiting for us, we all felt it in our hearts as we stood telling him we would be back for him. Tonight is a new beginning for this sweet gentle boy. Welcome Danny Boy…. And I know without question that there was an old boy watching over you named “Daniel” that led us to you today.  It has now been three weeks since Danny Boy arrived and I am finding out so much more about his needs. His intake weight was only 860. Normal weight for this 10 year old palomino should be close to 1200.  This poor boy had shoes on and he was being ridden. Danny is not a dominant horse but very gentle.  Danny does have great fear and and many triggers from his past life. Leading him with a lead rope brought on extreme fear. At the same time, Danny tries so hard to trust.  This boy needs time to understand that here at the rescue he will not be hurt.  It will take many months of many buckets of grain with supplements to get him up to a good weight. Today Danny Boy is with the others here at the rescue enjoying acres of green grass and is safe.  It is important that he understands that he is finally home.  Please consider sponsoring Danny.  




“Otis” was part of a group of 7 donkeys found on land where no one was living. This land was being leased by the owner of these donkeys who had been hospitalized and had not be at the land for some time.   I believe that fate brought us to this land.   With each visit there was a white donkey who greeted us and never left our sides. I believe he knew we would be the ones to help him and his herd.  It broke my heart each time we left as he called out to us. “We will be back Otis and we will take  you with us”.   For over a month I returned to this vacant land checking on this group of donkeys.  We had hay delivered along with bags of grain that we fed daily.  In time and with the help of animal welfare, all donkeys were removed and found homes.  But what would happen to Otis. On Easter Sunday, Otis, along with his pasture buddy  a pregnant mare, arrived at Last Stop Horse Rescue .   Otis, who was a stallion has now been gelded and  the mare has given birth to a little foal who we named Josephine Ruth.  Our  “Easter Donkeys”  will remain together always.   Please consider sponsoring Otis .



Kathleen, a pregnant mare, joined Otis at LSHR.  Kathleen is very timid but very willing to trust. We didn’t know when her baby would be due, but we did know that we could not allow this sweet momma to have her baby alone on property where no one was living. On Easter Sunday, this “Christian Donkey” arrived with Otis at our intake location that is also at my home.  As soon as Kathleen arrived our vet came to evaluate her and Kathleen was started on a medication for milk production.  Having this sweet girl at the intake location was necessary so that we could be close at all times to monitor this high risk pregnancy. After camping out in a tent at the edge of her birthing stall for several days, a little girl was born during the night.  As expected, there were complications. We had to assist in the delivery and help the baby to take her first breath. She also had to have a tube placed in her stomach so that she could receive the lifesaving colostrum that Kathleen was not producing.  Our little miracle baby was named “Josephine Ruth”.  Please consider sponsoring both Kathleen and Josephine.



Lucky, a 12-year-old paint. When Lucky first arrived she was emaciated with a body score of 1. Lucky had fear of humans. Even in Luckys state of condition, she still had the strength to show fear when we approached but never showed aggression. It was clear that Lucky has suffered from not only neglect, but abuse from humans in her past. It was also clear that she wanted to be loved. Lucky could not chew grass or hay when she first arrived and was kept alive on daily buckets of mash her first two years at the rescue. After several years of reaching out for answers, we learned that Lucky had a rare bone cyst in her jaw, most likely due to trauma to her face.  Lucky traveled to Cornell NY from Maine for her lifesaving surgery. Lucky can now chew and swallow hay and grass but continues to receive extra buckets of grain for weight gain and weight maintenance. Lucky has sanctuary at the rescue. Please consider sponsoring this very sweet girl.



Spirit is Luckyʼs foal. We are unsure what happened to Spirit when he was a young foal, but when he arrived at our rescue he was only 6 months old and had a broken right front leg that had healed in the wrong position. He was covered with bot eggs, infested with parasites and had an injury to his right rear stifle area. Today,  Spirit is now a 6 year old gelding and content living at the rescue with his momma, Lucky. This little guy loves having the visitors at the farm give him love and attention. Our equine specialist has informed us that he is not in pain. His trauma to his back muscles has caused severe muscle atrophy to his hind end.  Here at the rescue we do not turn away horses that have medical conditions. We want them to live their life in comfort and peace. Some would euthanize a foal like Spirit if they could not be ridden in the future, but here at Last Stop Horse Rescue if a horse is not in pain or suffering we give them sanctuary at the rescue. It’s not about what they can do for us, it’s what we can do for them. Spirit will remain here at Last Stop Horse Rescue.



Sunshine  A  20 year old QH mare surrendered to the rescue by her owner due to the owners advanced medical condition. Sunshine had exhibited signs of tenderness in her front feet when she arrived. Due to her increased tenderness when she walked, our veterinarian felt that we needed x-rays to rule out what we thought to be navicular. The x-rays confirmed that she does have navicular in both front feet.  We are fortunate that our vet feels that Sunshine will continue to do well here at the rescue with this diagnosis. Sunshine can not be ridden and will need specialized farrier care often to keep her comfortable when walking. Sunshine will now have sanctuary so that we can continue to care for her.  Sunshine is one of the gentlest horses at the rescue who would benefit from a sponsorship program. 



Murdock  A 10 year old Paso Fino, arrived to the rescue with severe issues of trust. The marks on his body helped to explain his need to protect himself with lunging out to bite. The need to get the human before the human got him was fear based.  After two years of extensive rehabilitation at the rescue , Murdock was learning to trust and a new softness was in his eyes. Finally, it was time for Murdock to have his own home. Murdock was adopted to an experienced family who had other horses and knew of his past life and issues. Within a few months, Murdock started to display signs of aggression again. Our policy is that a horse is welcome back to the rescue if an adoption doesn’t work out for any reason.  Murdock is “forever home” now at the rescue where he continues to live in a world of sanctuary without expectation. His rehabilitation will be ongoing for  life. This is where this horse needs to be.  Please consider sponsoring Murdock.  A horse that  truly has love in his heart …. 



Gracie and her two babies Lily and Gabby.  Gracie is a 16 year old blind miniature horse  who came to the rescue when her owner passed away of cancer. A promise was made to keep these three together and under the protection of the rescue. This mother and her babies, who are now 5 and 4, will always be part of Last Stop Horse Rescue and have sanctuary. Please open your heart to these three little minis and consider sponsoring this little family. 



Journey   In late November, 2014 there were three Standardbreds that were running out of time…. Euthanasia was being considered for all three as a last option if homes could not be found by December 1st, 2014.. The impossible happened… Halo and Becky, the two older Standardbreds were welcomed into the rescue and given sanctuary. But what happened to the third Standardbred…. The 14 year old “baby” of Halo. “Journey” was considered dangerous, a stallion that had been kept in a stall, little training, extreme issues and aggressive tendencies toward humans. Journey was gelded under total sedation by our veterinarian.  A safe place for Journey was needed.  One of the most severe situations needed careful consideration as to where he needed to be and also to provide one on one rehabilitation daily. To be safe and to also keep others safe was most important.  A  place was found for Journey outside of the rescue. His healing began and today he continues to improve under the skilled hands of my sister, Nonie,  who has years of experience with the most difficult issues and has studied Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  The last of the three Standardbreds finally had a secure place to be. The rescue will always support Journey to insure that he receives the time he needs to accept humans. Journey needs a sponsor so that his days of rehabilitation, training and healing can continue in a smaller environment  under the direction of Nonie and support of the rescue. Please help us to help him. He was not born with such aggression and it is up to us to help him now.



Charlie Valentine is approximately 15 years old. Charlie is the horse that we met on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/16  that was “for sale”. Charlie was one of the sickest horses I have ever touched.  Thin and weak, head low to the ground, nasal discharge, a large abscess the size of a melon under his jaw, difficulty swallowing due to pain, infested with parasites, lice over his body , a loud continuous cough, and difficulty breathing due to onset of pneumonia.  Rescue comes to us in many ways and for many reasons.  Charlie came to us because he was “for sale”. His life is worth millions. His life is valued.  Please help us to continue to help Charlie with his ongoing respiratory problems. A long road for this boy but his kind soul remains pure and loving. Please consider sponsoring our “Charlie Valentine”



Benny, “Little Blessed One”.…  A promise was made to this boy as he hung from the sling in the barn for 12 days due to severe emaciation and starvation. “Please don’t give up. We will never leave you. You are safe now and always will be.”  Please consider sponsoring Benny. He is our miracle boy.



Chance …. A little mini who has the personality of a draft. Chance was two when he arrived at the rescue. This little boy is the first to greet each visitor to the rescue. When Chance was a baby his owner saved him after he was mauled by dogs. She traveled across the states with this little guy and brought him to the rescue to live. It was Chance and Benny who played while Benny was healing and gaining weight. Now Chance acts like the big brother to the other minis, Lily and Gabby. Please sponsor Chance.



Emma.. The little pony who started it all. A misunderstood pony who had 7 homes in her 9 years of life. A pony who was scared and fearful of the human hand. Labeled as not suitable for children. As I sat in her stall late one night watching her eat, I said “Don’t you worry little pony, this is your last stop and you will never be passed around again” That was the beginning of  Last Stop Horse Rescue. A place for ponies just like Emma. I made Emma a promise that night and today Emma is  now 19 years old who continues to live a life of freedom with me at the rescue. Emma would also like to be sponsored. Maybe a little girl would like to sponsor her own little pony.



Belle… The second horse to arrive at the rescue. A big powerful Clydes/QH that was considered dangerous. A horse with anger towards the humans who hurt her. Because of Belle, I knew that I had to learn a different way to “ask a horse” instead of “forcing a horse”. My Parelli journey began because of Belle. A training method that is based on love, language and leadership in equal doses. A way of life with never compromising the dignity of the horse. Treating the horse with respect at all times. Because of Belle, all the horses that enter the rescue are greeted with this natural horsemanship approach. Belle is now 25 years old and continues to live at the rescue. Belle is as fragile as she is powerful. Please consider sponsoring this big beauty. She really knows how to eat!



Willow has now been back to the rescue “North” and in my sisters hands for 2 months now (June, 2016).  We picked her up after seeing an ad in a local horse/tack sale site that she was for sale by the person who adopted her from us. If a horse can’t be cared for they are to be returned to the rescue. Willow will never know hunger or neglect again. The rescue will continue to support Willow while she is in Maine. Peace of mind knowing that she is now “back home.” Today, Willow has sanctuary at the rescue, supported by the rescue, and cared for by Nonie in Maine. It is important that she heals both physically and emotionally and we want to give her the time she needs. Please consider sponsoring Willow…



Grace arrived 10/8/18 to start her new life at the rescue.  A horse that was “left behind”.  I feel that it is a privilege to be able to provide a safe place, a forever place where Grace will always be. The intake on this horse was difficult, but at no time did I feel that she wouldn’t make it. Grace weighed 664 on the weight tape.   She had trouble standing and walking.   What I can share is that Grace was near death and it was urgent that she be accepted into the rescue.  Despite how we found her, Grace has never shown anything but a horse that has a kind heart.

Three days before my hands touched Grace, my precious blind 18 year old pure white miniature horse passed away. It was sudden and not expected. My heart was broken…  And then I heard that there was a horse in urgent need.  I touched a fragile, emaciated white horse with her head hanging low.  I wrapped my arms around her and suddenly the chills came over me. I could feel my sweet Gracie all around me. “Did she send me to you, did she know that you were near death?”  It was at this moment that I would call her “Grace”.  She will always be known as  “Gracie’s Grace”


If you have any questions or comments about sponsorship, please don't hesitate to contact us!